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Our 2024 New Flavors Have Arrived! 

You’ve been waiting patiently, and we’re happy to announce that Perry’s Ice Cream’s new flavors are here! There’s no shortage of good taste in this year’s lineup—from caramel and toffee to fruity and hot honey, there’s something for every craving!  

We’ve added three new retail flavors (in stores now), plus three new flavors to scoop up this summer at your favorite scoop shop. 

Find these at a retailer near you

Caramel Panda Paws® – Sea salt caramel ice cream with caramel panda paw cups and swirls of thick rich fudge 

To know Perry’s is to love Panda Paws®. Fans have been loving the original, chocolate, and cherry, so it was a no-brainer to add caramel to the lineup. Once you have this fudge-caramel combination, you’ll be wondering how you ever went without it!  


Over the Moon – Extra indulgent toffee ice cream with crushed cookie swirls and sponge candy pieces 

Talk about indulgence. The trifecta of toffee, cookies and sponge candy will really take your tastebuds out of this world. Best of all, this one comes in a pint, so sharing is optional.  


New scoop shop exclusives

Bee Sting – Vanilla pudding ice cream with graham cracker and hot honey swirls 

This flavor will have you buzzing to your nearest scoop shop! The cool vanilla pudding ice cream is the perfect complement to the hot honey swirls!   


Fruit Scoops – Fruity cereal ice cream with fruity cereal swirls 

This fruity flavor will take you right back to your childhood breakfast table! (Made for kids and big kids alike)    


Available at both retailers and scoop shops  

Cookie Jar – Sea salt caramel ice cream with chocolate chip cookie chunks 

This flavor takes “cookies and milk” to the next level. The creamy sea salt caramel ice cream mixed with chunks of chocolate chip cookies will make it hard to keep your hands off this flavor!   


Find these flavors near you 

Ready to indulge? Find your new favorite flavor near you by using our flavor finder or have these flavors delivered to your door through Shop Perry’s. Happy scooping!