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That’s a wrap! The top selling ice cream flavors of 2022

Another year has come to an end, and we must know: Which flavors did Perry’s Ice Cream fans enjoy the most in scoop shops and at retailers last year? We pulled the data. Here’s what fans proclaimed the top selling ice cream flavors of 2022:

Perry's ice cream sandwiches

Vanilla Sandwiches (retail) – What’s not to love about creamy vanilla ice cream sandwiches between two soft chocolate wafers? These are the perfect quick indulgence to satisfy your sweet tooth!  

Perry's Neapolitan ice cream

Neapolitan (retail) – Three classic flavors in one makes Neapolitan! Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate come together for this timeless trifecta.  

birthday bash ice cream scoop

Birthday Bash (scoop shops) – There’s no rule that says you can only have birthday cake on your birthday. With this scoop shop exclusive flavor, fans celebrated the everyday with birthday cake flavored ice cream swirled with creamy blue frosting and packed with confetti sprinkles.  

Cookies & Cream ice cream

Cookies & Cream (scoop shops/retail) – This fan fav made both our top scoop shop and retail flavor lists, and we can’t say we’re surprised. Cookies & Cream is a delectable combination of slow-cooked vanilla ice cream stuffed with crème filled cookie pieces.  

Cookie Dough ice cream

Cookie Dough (scoop shops/retail) – More cookies, please. We’re seeing a tasty theme here. Cookie Dough is for anyone who strongly considers not actually baking the cookies and just eating the dough instead. (No judgement here.) This was our #1 scoop shop seller!  

cotton candy ice cream scoop

Cotton Candy (scoop shops) – Want to feel like a kid again? Scoop this cotton candy flavored ice cream up! Psst…If you miss Cotton Candy during the winter months, it is available at retailers in our family size. Find it near you.

super hero ice cream scoop

Super Hero (scoop shops) – This flavor saves the day in the summer heat! Super Hero is a colorful combination of cherry bubblegum, lemon and blue raspberry flavored ice cream. If you (or your kiddos!) can’t wait for summer time for this one, it’s available in family size!  

Mint-Ting-A-Ling ice cream

Mint-Ting-A-Ling (scoop shops/retail) – One scoop of Mint-Ting-A-Ling is just never enough is it? Packed with Swiss chips, this mint ice cream makes for a refreshingly sweet combination.  

Perry's Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate (scoop shops/retail) – You knew this one was coming. As far as ice cream choices go, our signature chocolate is a well-loved classic. 

strawberry ice cream scoop

Strawberry (scoop shops) – Strawberry was a big hit in scoop shops in 2022! Our creamy Strawberry ice cream includes real strawberries for even more of a delicious taste!  

Peanut Butter Cup ice cream

Peanut Butter Cup (scoop shops/retail) – Have you ever tasted a combination of chocolate and peanut butter that you didn’t love? Us either! Peanut Butter Cup is chocolate ice cream packed with peanut butter swirls—a delightful combination.   

Perry's French Vanilla ice cream

French Vanilla (retail) – What’s the difference between Vanilla and French Vanilla? We’re glad you asked. French Vanilla contains egg yolk, making it all the more richer and creamier. Try it with your favorite pie for a taste that’s out of this world! 

Panda Paws ice cream

Panda Paws® (scoop shops/retail) – A Perry’s classic that was a big hit at both stores and scoop shops in 2022!  After all, what’s not to love about decadent vanilla ice cream loaded with peanut butter panda paw cups and swirls of thick rich fudge? Yum!  

Perry's Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla – (scoop shops/retail) – Great on its own or the perfect sundae base, Vanilla is perhaps our most versatile flavor (and our #1 seller again this year!). Plus, it’s made with double-fold vanilla extract for double the decadence.  

Was your favorite one of the top selling ice cream flavors this year? If not, no worries — there’s plenty of scoopin’ to do in ‘23! 

Show me the ice cream, please

Suddenly craving ice cream? Let us point you in the right direction. Try these flavors and discover even more favorites by using our flavor finder. You can also ship ice cream right to your door through Shop Perry’s.  

Contributor: Kristin Rozewski