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Partners in Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Ice Cream Packaging

eco-friendly ice cream packaging

At Perry’s, we lead by the timeless mantra of our founder H. Morton Perry: “Make sure you put in enough of the good stuff.” This philosophy not only applies to our ice cream, but our commitment to sustainability as well. How? By selecting eco-friendly ice cream packaging partners who are committed to responsibly sourcing their paper products. 

Look for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative label 

On our product packaging, you’ll see the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) label, indicating our packaging suppliers, Double H Plastics (1.5 qt), Stanpac (pint) and MOD-PAC (novelty) sustainably source their paper products.

About the Sustainable Forestry Initiative 

Developed in collaboration with expert foresters, conservatists and scientists, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative supports continuous growth and harvesting of trees while protecting the environment. With over 250 million acres of forest audited, SFI is among the world’s largest sustainable forestry programs. 

Why does eco-friendly packaging matter? 

Choosing eco-friendly packaging helps reduce waste, preserve wildlife and water, and promotes climate smart forestry practices. This helps cut carbon emissions, boost forest resilience to climate change, and support forest economies. As an organization that values sustainable business practices, it was a no-brainer to partner with these like-minded companies. 

Additionally, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of purchasing products that are sustainable. In fact, 71% of consumers say that wood products from sustainably managed forests are a good choice for combatting climate change. (Source: Sustainable Forestry Initiative). This is something we acknowledge and want to support.

Our eco-friendly ice cream packaging suppliers 

Want to learn more about our packaging partners and how they’re doing their part to protect the planet? Check them out below!  

Double H Plastics 



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