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Using the good stuff to do good

From cow to cone, a lot happens at Perry’s to serve people great ice cream. "The good stuff" is what has and will sustain us, our communities, and our customers for years to come. Sustainability is big. So, we break it down: People, Planet & Performance. Most people think only about environment and community. (Even though we need performance to keep doing other good stuff.)

People and Partnerships

Our goal: to treat people the way we want to be treated (aka: The Golden Rule)

Everybody loves great ice cream, and it takes many people to mix, churn, chill, and deliver it.

Perry’s Team: We work hard. Not only at churning out the best ice cream, but at keeping our skills sharp and our bodies healthy. We recognize everyone has lives outside of work (and we want to be able to enjoy every moment!).

Perry’s Neighborhoods: We are from a small town where everyone knows you and they genuinely care. That neighbor-helping-neighbor thing has been part of us since 1918 and we are just going to keep on doing it.

Perry’s Partners: Since ice cream is our specialty, we partner with others (in the boring stuff like insurance) to get the job done. While their jobs may not be as cool as ours, they are experts in their fields, and we love them for the work they do (mostly because we don’t have to).

Perry’s Connoisseurs: All of this so we can continue to delight you, because you know the good stuff when you taste it


Our goal: to provide a wholesome product in a way that’s wholesome to Mother Earth

Landfill: Our goal is zero landfill. Since 2010 we have reduced, reused and recycled our way to 75% less waste to landfill.

Water: Zero, Zip, Zilch in our ice cream. We do use a lot though to clean and sanitize (about 20 million gallons a year). While we are expanding and producing more ice cream, we are maintaining our “water per gallon produced” ratio.

Electricity: Our super power? Hydro power from Niagara Falls, this natural wonder is located just 35 miles from our plant (Don’t forget to enjoy a scoop of the “good stuff” at the state park when you visit!). Over 60% of our electricity comes from this clean renewable source.

Natural Gas: We have a cool process for capturing “free” heat from our ammonia compressors to heat our wash water. With this process, we avoid using over 200,000 CCF of natural gas a year! This cool process also saves 9.1 metric tons of CO2 from entering our atmosphere (that equals 1.2 million smart phones charged in case you were wondering).

Fuel: With new fleet equipment, driver training and route efficiency software we have been driving up our fuel efficiency 36% since 2010.


Our goal: Make MORE use LESS

Perry’s manufacturing team (AKA, The Ice Cream Gurus), are always looking for opportunities to decrease wastes, improve the work environment and make more good stuff! (yum)

Perry’s Distribution network is driving (see what we did here?) to reduce the amount of fuel it takes to deliver the goods.

Manufacturing and transportation don’t happen in a vacuum, it takes many other talented individuals for our organization to run smoothly. Our behind the scenes heroes strive for efficiencies in time management, waste reduction and exceptional customer service in order to achieve world-class performance.

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