Three new retail flavors! 

At Perry’s we’re all about innovation. That’s why we’re always coming out with some of the best new flavors year after year. Check out our latest releases below!  

Caramel Panda Paws® 

Caramel and fudge? Yes, please! Introducing the newest addition to the Panda Paws® lineup (because there’s no such thing as too much Panda Paws®!)  

Sea salt caramel ice cream with caramel panda paw cups and swirls of thick rich fudge  

Cookie Jar  

Have a hard time keeping your hands out of the cookie jar? This flavor is all for you! 

Sea salt caramel ice cream with chocolate chip cookie chunks 

Over the Moon   

This toffee, cookie, sponge candy combination will take your tastebuds out of this world.  

Extra indulgent toffee ice cream with crushed cookie swirls and sponge candy pieces  

New scoop shop exclusive flavors!

Three new decadent ice cream flavors will be joining the lineup at scoop shops in summer 2024! Get your hands on Cookie Jar, Fruit Scoops and Bee Sting on your next ice cream outing!  

Cookie Jar ice cream

Cookie Jar 

Sea salt caramel ice cream with chocolate chip cookie chunks  

Fruit Scoop ice cream

Fruit Scoops 

Fruity cereal ice cream with fruity cereal swirls 

Bee Sting ice cream

Bee Sting  

Vanilla pudding ice cream with graham cracker and hot honey swirls 

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