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Make Your Favorite Ice Cream Shop Famous!

July 15, 2011

They take National Ice Cream Month quite seriously over at Real Simple, we realized:

Kristin, the chief ice cream explorer of Real Simple is going one step further and asking all of us to help decide on the best mom-and-pop ice cream shop around. This is where we all come in displaying pride for our favorite ice cream shops!
So, next time you are at your favorite place (which has to be this weekend, because Sunday, July 17 is National Ice Cream day) there should be 3 things on the agenda:

  1. Enjoy your favorite scoop, … or two … or three :)
  2. snap a photo of your favorite store
  3. snap a photo of you and your ice cream

Once home, just a couple more things to fulfill your ice cream duty and REALLY celebrate National Ice Cream Day:

1) Send the shop’s photo to [email protected] along with the following things:

  • the name of the ice cream parlor
  • the city and state where it is located
  • the website (if they have one)
  • your name
  • your favorite flavor

Real Simple will be sharing the photos in a gallery of the best ice cream spots IN THE COUNTRY on

2) Summit the other photo of you and your ice cream to our Facebook Picture Perfect Summer Sweepstakes – that’s all you need to do for a chance to receive a YEAR SUPPLY of Perry’s!

Now, that’s the proper way to celebrate the occasion (in our opinion)! How will YOU be celebrating?

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