June 28, 2011

4th of July Ice Cream Dessert Ideas

So, the ultimate family picnic of the year is almost here. Have you thought of the menu yet? Whether it is going to be carefully planned festivities or a last minute throw-it-all-together kind of a gathering, we are sure it will be fabulous!

While we can’t completely take away your pre-holiday picnic hustle, your Chief Summer Officers prepared some relief from this hectic planning.

Ta-da! Your dessert choices are:

Photos and recipes via MarthaStewart.com, SouthernLiving.com, Culinary.net, RealSimple.com, Better Homes and Gardens - bhg.com and Epicurious.com

Top Three:

Middle Three:

Bottom Four:

You are welcome! Let us know how did they turn out and post pictures to our Facebook wall.

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