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Escape with White Lightning

March 30th, 2015

I’m back with another striking story! This one takes place when I tried White Lightning.

I carefully glide my spoon across the top of the White Lightning carton, forming a perfect ball of dark chocolate ice cream. I savor the rich taste and start to escape…

I look up at the sky. It keeps getting darker by the minute. I don’t have an umbrella and I’m still a few streets away from my house, so I start to hurry.  Black clouds form over my head and I hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance. By the time I make it to the end of my street, light raindrops start to fall. I pick up my pace, knowing that the storm is creeping in quickly. Just as the rain starts pouring down I reach my front door and run inside.

The white streaks of mint fudge taste so refreshing against the dark chocolate, I take another spoonful.

I love watching summer storms from my porch and find it relaxing to listen to the rain drum on the roof. The claps of thunder are getting louder which tells me that the storm is getting closer. Barely blinking, I stare at the sky. All of a sudden it is illuminated by a bright slash of lightning. The sky immediately returns to black, leaving me on the edge of my seat and anticipating the next bolt.

I look down and see how much ice cream is gone from the carton. Uh oh. A storm is brewing in this house…

– Colleen

White Lightning

Escape with French Toast

March 29th, 2015

Hello! Today I’m narrating from the cozy cabin where French Toast has taken me.

I look out the window. Snow, again. Since I don’t want to go out in this weather, I might as well enjoy some French Toast ice cream. As my spoon digs into the cream colored ice cream, I escape…

I sip my coffee and look out the window of our log cabin. Light, fluffy snowflakes are falling in a rhythm as if we’re sitting inside a snow globe. Even though it’s March, I don’t mind that it’s snowing. It sets the perfect tone for this relaxing weekend in Vermont.  Out here, tucked away in the woods, everything is peaceful and quaint.

The flavor of warm, homemade French toast reaches my palate.

My nose perks up as the most delectable scent comes wafting down the hall from the tiny kitchen. I recognize the smell of my favorite Sunday breakfast. I’ve been reading by the fireplace but put the book down just in time for my husband to slide a plate under my nose. Thick slices of French toast lay in a beautiful arrangement. My eyes expand with excitement.

My next spoonful reveals a swirl of real Vermont maple syrup.

Yesterday we spent the day visiting numerous sugar houses to find the perfect maple syrup. Now I lift the bottle of the thick, medium amber liquid and lick my lips. I delicately pour the sweet sauce in a flawless swirl over the slices, ensuring that each bite of French toast will have the right amount of the sugary substance. I tell myself on a weekend like this, it’s okay to indulge.

My taste buds are beyond pleased with today’s breakfast choice. But why stop at one meal? If they’re lucky, they may enjoy more French Toast for lunch…

– Colleen

French Toast

Escape with Nutty Pistachio

March 28th, 2015

Sometimes you have to get a little nutty and that’s exactly what happened when I tried Nutty Pistachio!

Needing an afternoon snack, I head for the freezer. When I pull out the container of Nutty Pistachio, I escape into a nutty daydream….

It’s a beautiful, blue-skied day and the California sun is bright and inviting. We stroll through an orchard of nut trees that are decades old.

The scrumptious taste of pistachio ice cream melts on my tongue.

A light, pleasant smell floats past my nose. I inhale deeply, trying to identify the scent. It finally hits me that it’s the buttery and smooth aroma of pistachios. And with a change in the wind, the fragrance disappears and I can’t get it back.

When I peek into the carton, I spot roasted almonds scattered through the ice cream. I quickly nudge one out and pop it in my mouth.

There are rows after rows of almond trees for as far as I can see. We came at the perfect time of year; the almonds are ready to be harvested. I reach for a tree branch and shake a few almonds off. After cracking them out of their shells, I toss the handful of almonds into my mouth.  

I wake from my daydream when I reach for another scoop but realize the carton is empty.  Aw, nuts!

– Colleen

Nutty Pistachio

Escape with Mexican Chocolate

March 27th, 2015

Colleen again. Today I’m reporting from Mexico, where a scoop of Mexican Chocolate really brings the heat.

I reach into my freezer and pull out the carton of Mexican Chocolate. I eagerly pull off the lid and immediately escape to Mexico…

We decided to take a tour of the ancient Mayan ruins to discover more about Mexico’s rich and mysterious past. When we stop in front of the first ruin, my jaw drops in shock. My eyes trace over each edge and carving that has remained in almost excellent condition after thousands of years.

Without hesitation, my spoon digs right into the chocolate ice cream.

Our guide explains that chocolate was a large part of the Mayan culture. In fact, they used cacao beans as their currency. I learn the Mayans prepared chocolate in a similar way to how it is prepared today; however, they made it strictly for drinking. Hey, I love chocolate in any form!

A hint of cinnamon and spice knocks into my taste buds.

As we walk around the ruins, the air feels thick against my skin. The stifling heat causes my shirt to stick to my back. I sit down and take a swig from my water bottle.

When I stop to take a breather, I see my ice cream is all gone. I should go back for more!

Mexican Chocolate