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January 23rd, 2019

Perry’s Ice Cream Launches “Berry into You” Limited Edition Pint for the Season of Love

Akron, N.Y. – January 23, 2019 – In 2017, Perry’s Ice Cream introduced Bad Breakup to comfort those unlucky in the relationship department. Following the success of Bad Breakup, Upstate NY’s #1 ice cream brand is adding a limited edition pint for those who are up to fully embracing the Valentine’s season with Berry into You.

Berry into You is strawberry ice cream with vanilla cream swirls, strawberries and shortcake pieces.

Bad Breakup is sea salt caramel chocolate ice cream with milk fudge swirls and fudge-filled hearts.

“Berry into You is inspired by a dessert favorite, strawberry shortcake and a complement to our ‘triple chocolate fudge’ Bad Breakup, said Nichole Buryta, brand manager. At Perry’s we believe in ice cream that celebrates the moment. Berry into You captures the euphoria of love, everything from that giddy feeling when you can’t stop thinking of someone to the comfort of an enduring romance.”

Suggested retail price for Berry into You and Bad Breakup are $3.59 USD per pint.

Berry into You and Bad Breakup are available in grocery and convenience stores and online at or Amazon. To learn more about Perry’s Ice Cream and where to locate products, visit

About Perry’s Ice Cream
Perry’s Ice Cream, founded in 1918 by H. Morton Perry is a Great Lakes regional brand and Upstate New York’s #1 selling ice cream. Perry’s is a family-owned and operated fourth generation ice cream manufacturer with over 375 employees and uses fresh milk and cream from local farms to proudly craft and slow-cook its ice cream for an exceptionally creamy texture and taste that consumers have fallen in love with for over 100 years. 

Perry’s Ice Cream Celebrates 100 Years

November 14th, 2018

Perry’s Ice Cream, a fourth generation, family-owned ice cream company headquartered in Akron, New York, today celebrated their 100th birthday and a century of commitment to founder H. Morton Perry’s vision of quality and embracing of his insistence to ‘make sure you put in enough of the good stuff.’

“We’re incredibly proud to reach this significant 100-year milestone. This achievement is truly one that would not be possible without our loyal customers, suppliers, hardworking team, and unbelievable support from the Western New York community,” said Robert Denning, president and CEO of Perry’s Ice Cream.

“Perry’s strategic investments into our balanced business model have led to the rapid growth and success of today.  Our future is bright as a market leader with the Perry’s brand, our world-class partner brand distribution network, and as a thriving contract and private label partner to Fortune 500 and other top brands. The ‘good stuff’ that H. Morton instilled in us will always remain and our next century of business will be marked with the philosophy, ‘what’s possible, think big, then double that!’”, noted Denning.

Founded in 1918, Perry’s has carried on the spirit and traditions of H. Morton Perry for a century. To this day, the family-owned and operated ice cream company still slow-cooks their 75 ice cream flavors one batch at a time, to create a consistently creamy product. Perry’s also continues to support the New York State dairy industry and local economy by purchasing milk from local farmers. In fact, nearly 100 percent of the milk comes from farms within 50 miles of Akron.

Today, Perry’s has more than 375 employees and covers a distribution network of over 100,000 square miles and is the 22nd largest ice cream brand in the country. Perry’s products can be found across all of New York and Ohio, as well as Western Pennsylvania and parts of Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

As Perry’s looks to its next century, the company will continue to invest in its future and develop innovative products to keep up with evolving customer wants and needs. This includes more pint-sized offerings and expanded plant-based products (the company recently launched a dairy-free line).  On the service side, Perry’s plans to outfit its drivers with new, handheld devices that will give them improved order visibility and flexibility at the point of delivery.

To celebrate the milestone anniversary year, Perry’s Ice Cream and several of the company’s partners celebrated “Perry’s Ice Cream Day” in Akron, N.Y. Several elected officials proclaimed the November 13, 2018 holiday in their respective districts, including the State of New York and several jurisdictions across Western New York.

Perry’s launched four limited-edition retro flavors at the start of 2018: Parkerhouse (circa 1950s), Heavenly Hash (circa 1970s), Butterscotch Sundae (circa 1980s), and Malt Shoppe (circa 1990s). The retro flavors reached 150 percent of Perry’s Ice Cream’s sales goals in the first half of the year, and the success has led Perry’s to keep two of the retro flavors – Parkerhouse and Heavenly Hash – in production even after the anniversary celebration is over.






Perry’s Ice Cream Launches Two New Seasonal Holiday Flavors

October 22nd, 2018

Perry’s Ice Cream is launching two new limited edition seasonal flavors for the holiday season. Hot Cocoa

Perry’s raided Santa’s stash to create Elf Trash, a white chocolate ice cream with red and green fudge candies, fudge covered pretzels, fudge covered peanuts, and praline peanuts.  The pint package is whimsical and features a special message from their “head elf”.

Cozy up by the fire with Hot Cocoa, a hot chocolate ice cream with mini marshmallows.  The family size package features a snowy winter theme.

“Perry’s is always looking to bring excitement to the line up and this season we saw an opportunity with our holiday seasonals.  We’ve transformed a traditional holiday snack into a playful ice cream flavor with Elf Trash.  We also look for trends in the market and Hot Cocoa themed products are on the rise across multiple categories,”  said Nichole Buryta, brand manager.

In addition, Perry’s classic holiday flavors are now available for the season including, Pumpkin Pie, Peppermint Stick and White Christmas.



Perry’s Ice Cream Releases Limited-Edition Fall Football Flavor

September 14th, 2018

S’more Yardage scores with a toasted marshmallow- peanut butter team up!S'more Yardage

Akron, N.Y. – September 14, 2018 – Perry’s Ice Cream, a fourth generation, family-owned ice cream company headquartered in Buffalo, New York, has launched a limited-edition flavor to celebrate the fall football season.

S’more Yardage is toasted marshmallow ice cream with peanut butter sauce and peanut butter footballs.   The pint packaging features a football field theme and a special nod to those “Friday night lights”.

“S’more Yardage represents some of our favorite fall moments, from high school football games to cheering on the hometown team; the good stuff in life,”  said Gayle Perry Denning, vice president of strategic branding. “Limited editions bring excitement to shelf and consumers are looking for relevant flavors to complement the season.”

S’more Yardage pints are available at Tops Markets, convenience stores and online at or Amazon.

Select Perry’s Ice Cream scoop shops will also carry S’more Yardage.

To learn more about Perry’s Ice Cream, locate flavors or buy online, visit